Friday, 16 April 2010


ohmygod the first time i came to brisbane i saw some people are holding hand , hugging, n even kissing to each other but i feel those r usual things in my point of view. but u know the unusual thing is today, at school after finished the class stefani, youjin, jessica, n i were at canteen n there was a sofa, n u know what... there were girl n boy sleeping 2gether one on the top and one at the bottom.. kk u know what i mean,, LOL they just like in their own room didnt care if i watched them with my 180 degrees eyes ^^.

anyway feel a bit satisfied today cuz i got 97.50% for my marketing mid exam. hopefully i will get the same thing for the rest of my subjects as marketing Cx

one more thing that i wanna share is......... aaaaaa :( tonight there was smthing happened that made me be a negative thinker. ++++ positive please shinta be positive ++

Sunday, 11 April 2010

new laylout

awww... new layout looks better than before huh? (though no one saw my old layout) kkkkkkk okayyy anyway i will post a new wall if there is somthing interesting to tell u ;DD bcz im not a kinda person who likes to share my life's story >.<

so.. see u